TFT24-V.1.1 ICONPACK and more

This post it’s about iconpack, that I’ve made for a TVT24-V.1.1 display from BIGTREETECH.

How to use

You can use it on two ways: Only as graphic update with stock firmware. In this case – copy ONLY TFT24 folder od SD card, then put this card into display and clik RESET button.


Or using those icons with my modify firmware. The modifyied software add one more screen called More. For this moment its give you ability to preheat heatedbed and nozzle.


Zdjęcie 1 z 2

So in this case, put on SD card folder TFT24 and file with .bin extension.

Then press RESET button on display.

After updating, remove files from SD card.


TFT24-V1.1 IconPack

Icon pack for a TFT24-v1.1 display from Big Tree Tech

More about this package HERE

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Size: 0,45MB
Version: 2
Published: 24 września 2019


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